Chapter: The Voice of Reason 1 & The Witcher

some notes i took reading these first two(?) chapters? The chapter format confuses me lol.

  • The beginning does a great job highlighting the problem and the striga’s/princess’ strength and terror!! and not only that, but the follow-up of the fight was so engaging! The fight choreography is really well done
  • I appreciate a hero, but I like how Geralt isn’t trying to just save the princess. Killing her is a very valid option, and i mean we even see he will kill humans as he did with those soldiers and Ostrit. basically Geralt isn’t a cut-and-dry, cookie-cutter nice hero!! which we stan
  • potion that increases movement, reaction time, and allows night vision is so cool. so far, in general, i really dig the magic in this universe
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I personally can’t follow fight scenes, but they seem well written.

I definitely like that Geralt is an antihero. I presume that his background as a Witcher forbids him from being incredibly heroic. However, I expect to see some inner conflict in him coming up for moral/ethical dilemmas. That would be interesting to follow.

Yes! The magic and monsters are super cool. I found a picture of the Striga on the Witcher wiki and it looked pretty awesome. I haven’t played the video games, but it would be cool to see these monsters come to life.