Rules and Community Guidelines

I know, I know. Rules. They’re sooooo fun. Well, these rules and guidelines are here to ensure that everyone has the best experience possible. Before participating in any topics, please read the following rules:

  1. Tag each new topic/post with 3 things: (i) the name of the book stylized as book:(insert-book-name), (ii) the series (if applicable) stylized as series:(insert-series-name), and (iii) the author(s) stylized as author:(insert-author-name). For an example, see this post.
  2. To avoid getting spoilers, please title your topic with the chapter name and/or number. For an example, see this post.
  3. In any topic, only discuss content that precedes and includes the topic’s chapter. Any discussion of content that follows the topic’s chapter will result in an immediate ban. No one wants spoilers.
  4. This should go without saying, but we must say it anyway: Be nice and respect your fellow community members. Inevitably, there will be differences in opinion, and that’s healthy! Just be a good human.

As this is a new community, there will certainly be adjustments to the rules and community guidelines. If there are any recommendations, please leave them in the “Site Feedback” category. We would love to know how to improve your experience in this community.